Okay, so a few people have asked me to explain my rating system and the parameters I use to rate books. I’d like to clarify that although my rating of books is subjective, I do use certain parameters to guide me. These parameters are as follows

  1. How interesting the book is (3 points) – I rate books out of 3 on this parameter. 1 point if I have to force myself to go through the book. 2, if the book manages to get my attention. And 3 if I can’t put the book down at all and have to finish it so that I can know the ending.
  2. Narration of the book/Descriptions used in the book (1 point) – Is the narration clear and flowing, or does it seem forced and random everywhere? Did the author pay attention to detail, or did they just keep jumping from one event to the next?
  3. Did I learn anything from the book (1 point) – One of the reasons people read books is to learn about new things and broaden their knowledge of the world. New cultures, places or maybe just plain and simple motivation. Did the book offer me any of this?

These are some of the questions I ask myself while rating a book. Mostly, at the end of the day, after all these questions are done, I ask myself one simple question. Did I enjoy reading the book? If yes, the rating is positive. Otherwise, not so much. I hope this clarifies things. More reviews coming in the next few days! Stay tuned. 😀


Let’s get started

Hi everyone, I’m Kshitij. I am extremely new to the art of blogging so I hope you’ll excuse any little mistakes I make in the beginning.

Like I’ve mentioned in the description, this blog is primarily going to focus on reviewing books which I read over time. It’s also going to contain certain thoughts and opinions which I have as I “travel through life”. Sounds cheesy, right? I suppose all of us have a little of that within us.

I’ll try to be as regular as possible, reviewing two books a month if I can. Shouldn’t be too hard. I could do more, but I’m a college student right now so I’m not sure if I’ll find the time. I’ll do my best though! 🙂